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Lavorazione frutta secca e disidratata
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Our industry was founded in 1979 in Putignano in the lush territory that distinguishes the Itria valley in the south of province of Bari with its vast almond, olive and cherry fields (typical Mediterranean coltures).

In the early 2000 we expanded our establishments and officially became Gruppo Todisco, we availed ourselves of all the newest technological advancements regarding the processing of cherries in alcohol. This allowed us to start our business relationships with Ferrero, Witors, Fabbri and Toschi who require this product to manufacture confections like filled chocolates and liquor jars.

Our next generation calibration, stoning and stemming systems together with the proximity of the fields of productions allow us attain and maintain a very high standard both qualitatively and organoleptically.

Us Gruppo Todisco specialize in the processing and trading of many different typical Mediterranean products like Cherries, Dried fruits, Almonds and Wild onions.

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Gruppo Todisco

Via Chiancarosa, 25
70017 Putignano | Bari
Ph +39 080 4051491
F   +39 080 4058429